Monday, February 8, 2010


After realizing we weren't the silk-screening pros we thought we were, we decided to consult a professional (our art teacher Ms. Synder). We came to her in a panic and she calmed us down and said "don't worry, bring everything tomorrow and we'll make it work."

And just like Tim Gunn, she made it work. She taught us how to put the emulsion on correctly (we had put too much), use a light table (we were using a light bulb), and how to wash the emulsion out (we used laundry detergent).

So finally, we got the print on! It looked great and we were really happy with it. Since then, we've designed a logo and gotten six orders! Our goal for this week is to actually print it on the shirts and give them to the people who ordered. We are also going to talk about new designs and advertising strategies.

1. Ms. Snyder teaching us how to properly apply the emulsion.
2. Burning the design onto the screen using a light table.
3. Washing away the emulsion.
4. Printing the design onto t-shirt material.
5. Success!

Alex, Mamie, & Ale

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