Wednesday, June 23, 2010

You want to be on top?

Some of my favorite pictures of my favorite models:Lara Stone, Valentina Zelyaeva, and Natalia Vodianova.
Who are your favorite models?

Saturday, June 19, 2010

stunning photos + beautiful dresses

Tanya Dziahileva for Harper's Bazaar Spain July/August 2010 by Nico

Friday, June 18, 2010


I (Alex) just bought these adorable clogs by Jeffrey Campbell ('Charli-C Clog'). They are so comfortable, even though they are EXTREMELY high! I can't wait to wear them! I'm actually going to wear them out to dinner tonight. This is what I'm going to pair them with:

Eyelet floral sleeveless blouse from Anthropologie
Cropped, matchstick white jeans from J.Crew

The clogs also come in black:

If you are thinking of buying some clogs but don't know what to wear them with maybe this post from Who What Wear will help you get some ideas. For the full article click here.

What do you think about clogs?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

W.W.W. (What We're Wearing): Resort Wear

It was a beautiful day at the beach today, which inspired our resort wear esembles.

Details in the fabric...

and just a little random side note, Ale just bought this cute little card...

...that brought this adorable necklace!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Passion Pit

On Sunday, we went to a Passion Pit concert in Miami Beach with some of our friends and to say the least, it was AMAZING! Out of all of the concerts I've ever been to, I'd have to say this was one of the best. I was expecting a lot from them, considering their one of my favorite bands and they surpassed my expectations. Honestly, it felt like one huge dance party the whole night! It was pretty insane and full of so many fun and crazy people. The concert also started out with two good opening acts, Brahms and Tokyo Police Club (not in any way related to that weird band, Tokio Hotel). What has your favorite concert been?
Passion Pit frontman, Michael Angelakos
Us (Alex and Ale) and our good friend, Jime
They had the coolest lights that were changing colors throughout the entire night!
Trapped in a crazy crowd of people
If you haven't heard of Passion Pit, I recommend you check them out. Their music is so fun that listening to their songs will make you want to jump out of your seat and dance (this has happened to me, I promise). Here I leave you with one of our favorite songs by them, "Little Secrets."

And finally, since this is a fashion blog, I must end on some fashion note. At the concert most of the guys were dressed like this: "Hipster-style": Mostly Plaid shirts, v-neck t-shirts, skinny jeans, and wayfarer sunglasses
And the girls:
A lot, a lot, of Urban Outfitters, American Apparel, and vintage style items--very "hipster-style"
*By the way, pardon the poor quality of the concert pictures. I'm working to get a new camera considering I've had mine since the 7th grade!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Stylish Guys at the Movies

Every year we get together with some of our closest friends to have a D4 movie marathon. D4 means we watch movies by Leonardo Dicaprio, Johnny Depp,Robert Downey Jr., and my personal favorite, Matt Damon.So yesterday, as we were watching all of their great and not so great movies (umm, cry baby?), I realized that they each have their own cool, yet relaxed style.

Okay, so this picture doesn't really show off Leonardo Dicaprio's current style or anything, but I definately couldn't leave this picture out. But seriously, how cool does he look?

Matt Damon's style on the red carpet usually combines dapper and relaxed in one look (i.e. his beige suits). But his street style and his photoshoot looks are a bit more relaxed. And those leather pants in the picture above are amazing.

Even though I always make fun of Johnny Depp's style, just yesterday I realized he actually has a very cool, rocker, bohemian look. But I must admit, his style was definately the best circa 1990s, when he was dating Kate Moss.

Finally, Robert Downey Jr.'s style. I think Robert's style is a " hate it or love it" style. Personally, I love it. I think it's eccentric but not gaudy or cheesy in any way whatsoever. My favorite of all of his looks was his ensemble at the Oscars this year. His bow-tie was humorous but tasteful and his sunglasses were the epitome of cool. I usually hate it when people wear sunglasses to award ceremonies but he pulled them off incredibly.
By the way, the movies we watched yesterday were:
Less Than Zero- Robert Downey Jr.
Cry Baby- Johnny Depp
Bourne Identity- Matt Damon
The Departed- Leonardo Dicaprio and Matt Damon
Who are some of your favorite "stylish guys"?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

starbucks cup: just coffee or the latest accessory?

You know what I've noticed lately? Almost everyone walks around with a starbucks cup these days! It's like it's a new accessory or something.

I must say, the starbucks does kind of complete Ashley's look. It adds to the whole "I'm so over it" attitude. Don't you think?

So, the starbucks cup: just coffee or the latest accessory?