Sunday, June 13, 2010

Stylish Guys at the Movies

Every year we get together with some of our closest friends to have a D4 movie marathon. D4 means we watch movies by Leonardo Dicaprio, Johnny Depp,Robert Downey Jr., and my personal favorite, Matt Damon.So yesterday, as we were watching all of their great and not so great movies (umm, cry baby?), I realized that they each have their own cool, yet relaxed style.

Okay, so this picture doesn't really show off Leonardo Dicaprio's current style or anything, but I definately couldn't leave this picture out. But seriously, how cool does he look?

Matt Damon's style on the red carpet usually combines dapper and relaxed in one look (i.e. his beige suits). But his street style and his photoshoot looks are a bit more relaxed. And those leather pants in the picture above are amazing.

Even though I always make fun of Johnny Depp's style, just yesterday I realized he actually has a very cool, rocker, bohemian look. But I must admit, his style was definately the best circa 1990s, when he was dating Kate Moss.

Finally, Robert Downey Jr.'s style. I think Robert's style is a " hate it or love it" style. Personally, I love it. I think it's eccentric but not gaudy or cheesy in any way whatsoever. My favorite of all of his looks was his ensemble at the Oscars this year. His bow-tie was humorous but tasteful and his sunglasses were the epitome of cool. I usually hate it when people wear sunglasses to award ceremonies but he pulled them off incredibly.
By the way, the movies we watched yesterday were:
Less Than Zero- Robert Downey Jr.
Cry Baby- Johnny Depp
Bourne Identity- Matt Damon
The Departed- Leonardo Dicaprio and Matt Damon
Who are some of your favorite "stylish guys"?


  1. I love this post. Your blog is so cute!

  2. hi girls!! lovely blog =)
    we have lots in common, we think!

    kisses from three other fashion and art addicted !

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  3. mine is always johnny depp, thas guy never age, have you noticed? have a fab weekend, xoxo

  4. johnny depp is really effortless in his dressing,
    that nonchalant kind of vibe which is really appealing.


    i will follow you. follow me also please :)

  6. just a huge fan of johnny depp and especially robert downey jr. they are just some kind of amazing.

    xx rena.

    visit some time!

  7. Wow. Johnny Depp. What else is there to say?

  8. Those are all of my favourite guys up there ^ thanks for sharing hahaha xx

  9. his wife's dress is fabulous! i am a HUGE fan of leo, he has ultimate sex appeal

    i look forward to following your blog!


  10. Robert's style is probably my favorite!

  11. These sure are some cuties!!
    Great blog!
    Follow me? & I'll return the favor :D
    I just started my blog & am trying to get it out there!
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  12. Love love love love love love love love LEO.

  13. leonardo is my all time crush. i like how he changed from the cool, skinny, teen look to the mature classic look with the rugged facial hair and stuff. and his eyes.. his eyes will make you fall in love every time.

  14. This is kinda freaky because I was watching a documentary about Leonardo yesterday his life seems really interesting, his life was very hippie-ish not like completely but I think one thing his dad taught him was living life for the moment instead of worrying.


  15. Stylish guys I know? Most of the men in Paris, the city in which I live. Leo is so HOT, too;-)
    Happy monday!

  16. haha, I love your D4 movie idea. My favourite there has to be Leonardo DiCaprio.:) Follow you now.sarahD

  17. Love Robert's style. He's always been chic in my books!


  18. Ohmygosh, I love Leonardo & Johnny.
    Johnny was his most gorgeous with Kate Moss, respectively.
    And I also love Robert Downey Jr., especially in Sherlock Holmes, left me completely in love with his acting style.
    I also love guys like James Franco, James McAvoy, Ethan Hawke, Jude Law, Chace Crawford, Orlando Bloom and Ed Westwick.

  19. Leonardo is my favorite! I just got a thing for him. too bad now hes like 38 or something.
    and of course johnny depp, gotta love him. :)

  20. mmm leonardo :D
    loving the blog
    great posts!
    stop by some time xx