Thursday, June 10, 2010

style on the runway

I'm sure a lot of you are jetting away somewhere fabulous this summer. Now, I don't know about you but I always find it a little difficult to choose an outfit to wear on the plane. I mean I want to be comfortable but not look like a slob. I want to look put together but not like I'm trying to hard. Does anyone else have this problem? So I decided to look to people who are stylish and always on the runway (the airplane runway that is). And who better than celebrities?

Here are some of my favorite airport chic looks:

Diane Kruger & Joshua Jackson

Rachel Bilson / Kate Hudson

Chloe Sevigny / Camron Diaz

David Beckham

All photos via People's style watch

What do wear when speeding down the runway?

xoxo Alex


  1. Love this feature! Yum...David Beckham always looks great!

  2. Oh God! Thank you for doing this! I also have problems
    when choosing what to wear to the airport LOL this was
    very helpful, really. I specially liked Rachel Bilson's
    look, it's more of my taste :) I'd normally wear
    something like that but without the hat, with flats
    & my hair pulled up in a messy up-do.

  3. I never, ever look this good when flying. I wear my Lululemons, sweatshirt and some sort of pashmina (doubles as a blanked).

    I envy those who make jetsetting look so chic.


  4. Rachel Bilson's style is my go to for casual chic because she really does it right every time.

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  6. Goodness, Josh and Diane are just too cute!! I love her YSL Tributes! Rachel always has the best airport style...

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