Friday, June 18, 2010


I (Alex) just bought these adorable clogs by Jeffrey Campbell ('Charli-C Clog'). They are so comfortable, even though they are EXTREMELY high! I can't wait to wear them! I'm actually going to wear them out to dinner tonight. This is what I'm going to pair them with:

Eyelet floral sleeveless blouse from Anthropologie
Cropped, matchstick white jeans from J.Crew

The clogs also come in black:

If you are thinking of buying some clogs but don't know what to wear them with maybe this post from Who What Wear will help you get some ideas. For the full article click here.

What do you think about clogs?


  1. hi! thanks for the nice comment on my blog
    i love the clogs you bought.
    At first i hated clogs but now...i'm starting to like them strange :p
    take care!
    lafille from belgium

  2. I got the same pair as you in brown, and your top and cropped jeans would be perfect paired with them, xoxo

  3. I'm LOVING clogs atm! xxx

  4. Loving the clogs! Can't wait to see them to tonight! (P.S.: I love what you're wearing them with)

  5. im very into clogs right now, i have two pairs! i have the black Jeffrey Campbells! i wear them to death


  6. I am so looking for a pair of clogs. These Jeffrey Campbells are looking pretty good

    check out my blog