Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's all so exciting...

Because spring break (finally) starts tomorrow, and because I stayed home sick (wayyy too much time spent on the computer), I decided to put somethings that I'm really excited about.

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All the blogs that I've been reading are all so excited that it's finally warm out. We live in Miami, where spring doesn't really exist. Seasons are just a technical term referring to the color palettes of our wardrobes. So I'm just as excited as the next blogger to bring out the brightly colored dresses and open toed heels.

That's the city of Omaha, Nebraska, where I will go for a week this spring break. I know what you're thinking, what's in Omaha? And the answer is…our good friend Macy! Macy was an exchange student at our school last October and she lived with me. I cannot wait to see her…and Omaha.

Today while watching a marathon of first season Real Housewives of New York City, I saw a commercial for a special on Bravo TV with Christian Siriano. It's called "Christian Siriano: I'm having a moment" and it opens with "I've lost all my friends, all I ever do is make clothes." Do you realize how excited I am for this? I don't even have the words to describe how much I love Christian Siriano. I cannot wait to see him in action once again. So I spent a good amount of the day pretending that I could actually afford half of the things on Net-a-Porter. I feel in love with these shoes. Usually my style is very formal, and I don't like quirky or weird or out-there things, but I just couldn't help myself—these shoes are so cool. I've already found ways to incorporate them into my wardrobe. Obviously I'm not excited for these shoes, because, um, I'll never be able to own them, but I can't stop thinking about them so I thought I'd put them up there.

You know what you should be excited for? We are having a photoshoot this weekend for
A(Squared) + M. Expect a lot of updating.


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  1. great post! i love reading anecdotes from the people that are behind the blogs that i always read. :)

    you know, i havent given Christian Siriano a chance...i really am not that familiar with his collections. but you have inspired me to look more into it!

    xoxo, rose.