Friday, March 5, 2010

Style File…Sunday Brunch

Here is our first look with our camera t-shirt! What we love about this look is that it's something you can just throw on when you have nothing else to wear, but still look stylish. And do we need to mention how exciting it is that Emma Watson started her own line? Love, love, LOVE her style! These shoes are great too, a little golfer-esque but not so uptight. We thought the snake pin added a little extra-shine (Mamie needs her sparkle) that is always nice. The scarf added a little needed color, but it's light enough so it won't get you all hot and sweaty in the summer. When we saw this purse, we all fell in love with it. It's fun and edgy—and its big so you can literally stuff your life in there (which, let's face it, that's what purses are for).

Alex, Mamie & Ale


  1. That scarf is so beautiful and lustrous. It's like it's woven out of wishes and dreams. Cheesy but true.


  2. isn't it gorgeous!

    thank you for commenting!