Thursday, March 11, 2010

Zac Posen

Can I just say how obsessed I am with Zac Posen? Yes, with the line, but mostly with him. I'm not obsessed in a creepy way or anything. You also must admit, he's pretty great. The fact that he's only 29 and is such a great fashion designer makes him one of the most awesome designers (in my book at least).
So now that my secret long-term crush has been revealed, let's talk about my favorite looks from his 2010 fall fashion show.

I love the combination of the architectural crafting of the dress with the striking floral prints. Though I'm not usually a fan of big floral prints (because let’s face it, they are usually rather reminiscent of a grandma's old couch), Zac Posen has really turned me on to them. I also kind of like the boots but not with that dress in particular.

The flowy fabric in these dresses looks fantastic with the floral print! I think I may like these even more because they’re very practical. These dresses do not only serve as the beautiful yet impractical “runway look”, but also as the chic young woman’s cocktail party look. By the way, terrific touch with the sheer hot pink tights, Zac!

Though much less multicolored and exciting in comparisson to the other dresses, I love the look this dress gives off--effortless and chic. I like how Zac combines the super tight and restricting bandage top with a flowy skirt. The color is also great.

Even though I’m not usually a fan of mustard yellow, I’m kind of liking this look. I love the western vibe this outfit gives off; it makes me feel like I’m watching Bonanza. Though it may not sound so, this is actually a great thing.


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  1. you guys are awesome! thanks for introducing me to this amazing, new designer! xoxo