Friday, March 26, 2010

Make It Work

We are getting ready for tomorrow--our first photo shoot. And we are beyond excited. We spent the day buying snacks for our models (Sofi, Mari, Cristina, Nicole, and Alexa) and supplies for our hairstylists and make-up artist (Azul and Gaby), all friends from school. We are going to shoot next to a carousel and on the beach. We're hoping we won't run into any problems considering all the traffic from the Sony Ericsson Open.

On that note, how sexy is Novak Djokovic?
Yeah, we thought we should share that bit of beautifulness with you.

Anyways, back to our day. We encountered a bit of difficulty after we bought all of the supplies. For some reason we decided it would be nice to walk to the store--bad idea. We ended up having to lug a ton of food and a pack of 24 water bottles. That's when we noticed we weren't as fit as we thought we were.

Ale, rockin' the Quasimoto look.
When we got home, we started setting up the possible jackets, shorts, pants, and shoes to use for the shoot. While setting up, we jammed to:
The good ol' standby, Shakira.
Passion Pit (wishing we were at Ultra)
The Strokes
Frank Sinatra
Girl Talk
We ended the night by making Ale paint our nails and watching everybody's favorite movie for the 12413854257th time--The Hangover.
Expect more updates really soon (as in tomorrow) about the photoshoot.

Alex, Mamie & Ale


  1. This is so cute! We love the shoes and the outfits you guys are amazing :)

    -Gaby and Azul

  2. OMG I love that picture of Djokovic, where is it from?