Monday, March 15, 2010

New Design, Style & Color

Here we have our new penny farthing design in black and brown. We now have the camera in brown as well and a new t-shirt with buttons on the sleeves.
Alex, Mamie & Ale


  1. These are lovely prints! I am forwarding this link to a friend who loves bikes. Have a good day!

  2. I really like the button detail on the sleeves, its a great chic touch to the shirt!

  3. thank you coming across my blog! i am glad you did because it let me find yours! what you are doing is so great and creative, i would love to see more of your items! :) where do you sell them?

    oh, and i was reading through your past entries and i am a HUGEEEE Dries van Noten fan. so yay! :)

    i am following you now, i cant wait for future posts!

    xoxo, rose.

  4. hi! :) i wish that blogger would let us have a general comment box...but i wanted to answer your question about posting the photos two by two! :)

    rather than hosting a picture through photobucket or other external site, if you upload the images using bloggers' "insert image" option, the pictures are automatically resized - so you can make all of them standard. and then just drag the photos next to each other! super easy. :) make sure to do the html coding for break (which is
    so that no matter which browser someone is using, i will come up as two by two.

    hope this helps!!

    xoxo, rose.